How do room darkening shades help?

Our Blackout shades work great for any person sensitive to light. If you've got a hard time sleeping, then these are ideal for you. They block out light during the day so those who work night shifts can sleep peacefully during the day. Migraine sufferers like the honeycomb shades as well. They block out the penetrating sunlight, and anyone who suffers from migraines knows this can be a problem.

Which are the cheapest type custom blinds?

The benefit of shopping at Affordable Blinds is you can get quality shades while saving money. Cordless Cellular Shades offer budget friendly options while offering features like the popular Top Down Bottom Up feature. Roller shades are also a popular budget friendly option.

Which type of custom blinds can I choose?

Our blinds can be made of many kinds of materials, such as vinyl, fabric, and wood. Various types have different features. For example, the Roman type gives a historical style looking. When purchasing Custom Window blinds in addition to the measurements of the windows; the materials are also considered in the pricing. Thus, before buying the blinds, you should recognize the specific feature of each type, we are happy to help guide you based on your needs.

What is the function of custom window blinds?

The windows can let the sunshine in and give a good view of the outside scenery for the people in the room. A window may provide us with unwanted light at certain times of the day for whatever reason. There may also be times when we don't want anyone looking in on us in our homes; thus, custom window blinds provide the proper method to prevent these from happening. Our Custom Blinds are blinds made specifically in styles and measurements based on the customer’s specifications and preferences.

Is there any economic value to owning blinds and shades that can help me save money?

It is astonishing what window coverings can do to enhance your home's insulation and considerably cut down on your energy costs. Up to twenty-five percent of your home's cooling and heating expenses can be attributed to the loss of energy through your windows.

What are the benefits of adding blinds to my windows instead of curtains?

Blinds offer control over how much lighting you allow into your space. In addition, blinds can allow light into your home while still maintaining your privacy.

Can I measure my windows myself?

Absolutely! It only takes a few minutes refer to these Measuring Instructions here.

Can you help me select the right window treatments?

Yes! Our experienced personnel will walk you through the options available and ask the right questions to help you create a distinctive and personalized look that fits your budget, functional needs and your lifestyle.

In addition, Affordable Blinds can help you select finishes, textures and colors that match your interior decoration beautifully. Our friendly customer care representatives’ will walk you through the decision-making process, collecting information to help you choose the ideal solution.

What’s the Difference Between Working with You and other Service Providers?

Along with quality products and low prices we focus on proving customers a 5 star experience.

Shades, Blinds or Shutters what would be best for me?

That is entirely up to you, your lifestyle and your taste. Our responsibility is to provide you with all the data you need about our products, show you the choices you have and work within your budget. It is essential to take into account things such as maintenance requirements, whether you need child-friendly options and durability as well as how they look.